About Shed 2 Studios
Shed 2 Studios is a new creative workshop in the Ilkeston area of Derbyshire, which houses Artists, Designers and Makers. Established in 2007 by a group of graduates from the 3D Sustainable Design Program at Derby University who enjoyed the dynamics of a creative studio environment.

Over the last few years the studio has grown in strength and is looking to become one of the leading centres for creating sustainable contemporary Art and Design in the Midlands.

The studio boasts collections of jewellery, furniture, interiors, art and sculpture. The six designer/makers work with a variety of media including precious metals, recycled materials, willow, wood, ceramics, glass and print.

Support for Shed 2 Studios
"Erewash Borough Council is "keen to support Shed 2 Studios as it is seen as an active part of a developing and thriving arts scene within the Borough, we look forward to helping Shed 2 Studios as they develop their creative workshop."
Councillor Mike Wallis, Erewash Borough Council

"Enthusiastic and highly motivated."
David Bradley, Erewash Partnership

Graduate from the University of Derby specializing in whittling and basketry.

Shed 2 offered Vanessa space within the studio to prepare for her upcoming show. "I quickly felt part of the team" "without the support and encouragement they gave me, I would not have been able to produce the work I exhibited at Lustre."

"Whilst exhibiting at Lustre, I received the Innovation award from HUB; this would not have been possible without the generosity of Shed 2 Studios."
Vanessa Larmond Designer/Maker

Mayor of Erewash with Mike Radford and Rachel Carter at the official opening of Shed 2 Studios